Online Loan

Thanks to the innovation of platform lending, you have options to get automated loan approval online.

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What is an online loan?

Whether you are in the startup phase, experiencing growth in a slow business cycle or just need to ensure positive cash flow, access to business funding is a crucial component for survival.

Traditional banks are more conservative in their lending practices, giving small business owners few places to turn for the working capital they need. Fortunately, platform lenders provide online loans that offer many benefits to small business owners.

Most online business loans encompass a line of credit, which means that your business has the ability to choose how much you want to borrow. While tapping into a line of credit is not something new, the convenient, flexible way you can get approval and working capital is a new benefit for small businesses.

Innovation has changed the loan process as we used to know it. After completing an online application, business owners can be approved for an online loan in just minutes – a vast upgrade compared with loans from traditional banks, which can take days or weeks.

Platform lenders like Aspire look at the overall health of a business when reviewing an application and don’t require other details like the personal credit history of the business owner, the number of employees and industry trends. A review of current cash flow and the performance of the business allow the lender to have a good snapshot of the business. You can get approval and funding quickly and can avoid the extensive paperwork required for loans from banks.

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