Business Loan

A business loan can help you meet your goals and keep you growing.

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Is a business loan right for me?

Most entrepreneurs starting their own businesses needs financing from time to time. You need cash for business expenses such as inventory, payroll, equipment and marketing. Rather than dipping into your profits, a business loan can cover your costs while keeping your cash flow intact. Business loans can be extremely beneficial during a growth period, to smooth fluctuating cash flow or to prepare for a busy season. Another great advantage of utilizing a business loan instead of your own profit for growth is that it simplify cash flow management significantly by separating clearly profits from working capital.

If you are considering borrowing money for your business, carefully consider how you will use the funds. If you know that your margins will put you in a position to pay back the loan quickly, a small business loan can be a great option.

It’s important to have a detailed business plan to ensure your extra working capital will drive revenue that ultimately helps you pay the money back. Create a plan of action for how to use your business loan and how you will repay it is key.

How can I use a business loan?

To successfully scale revenue, you can use your business loan to:

  • Strengthen the team. Bring on key employees that will allow you to take on additional work and focus on growth. Right employees are one of the highest leverage investments.

  • Invest in equipment or technology. Whether you’re leasing or buying, quality equipment can be game changer. Nowadays especially technology investments are a great way to increase efficiency in the future.

  • Marketing. Drive brand awareness, consideration, or conversion through tools such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads can be an interesting area to look at.

  • Expand your space. If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, your office or storefront is often the first representation of your brand. Make sure it’s a good one. If you are an online business expanding via new platforms such as Qoo10, Lazada, Shopee can be the equivalent of opening an additional shop.

How can I get a business loan?

Aspire provides working capital to help a wide variety of businesses grow. An Aspire business loan can be used for hiring new employees, buying inventory, purchasing equipment and investing in marketing initiatives. When a lucrative opportunity arises, you’ll need extra capital on hand quickly. While traditional lenders typically take weeks and sometimes even months to approve a loan, Aspire can get you capital in as little as minutes.

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